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BSA Troop 129 Summer Camp
Troop 129 Team Building
Troop 129 Kayaking

BSA Troop 129

At BSA Troop 129, we are strong believers in the ability of our youth to succeed. Our programming and activities are designed to help our youth reach their goals and fulfill their highest potential. We are proud of all our scouts, and love watching them grow into bright-minded and confident individuals. See how we’re involved in making a difference in our scout's lives.

Get to Know Us

BSA Troop 129 has been present since 1976- providing exceptional enrichment and leadership development opportunities to youth in the Fort Bend County area. We offer youth an opportunity to create and mold their own unique experiences through our wide range of educational and leadership activities. We see the true power that our youth hold, and we have made it our mission to transform them into natural born leaders, ready to take on the world.

Scout Develop Leadership Skills

Develop Leadership Skills

Scouts Kayaking

Gain Self Confidence

Needville Scouts Build Community


Needville Scouts Develop Academic Skills

Develop Academic Skills

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9122 Church St, Needville, TX 77461

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